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I’m Ron Loebker, Project Manager and Chief Sales Person for Total Metal Solutions.

Total Metal Solutions is the culmination of over thirty years of industrial manufacturing experience, as well as opportunity, timing, and circumstance, all coming together to fulfill a dream.

After building custom houses and railroad track for 4 years, a down-turn in the economy gave me the opportunity to enroll at Kent State University, School of Industrial Technology. After the first year, with depleted finances, I joined the National Guard, did a couple stints on active duty, and finally graduated in 1990 with a Bachelor's of Science in Industrial Technology. All the while still doing remodeling and construction to stay in books and food.

I landed my first job in the industrial field with Harris S. N. International, building automated brazing systems. From my start as a machine builder, I was promoted to shop productivity and facilities management positions. These positions trained me for my advancement into Materials Manager and Continuous Improvement Director in light and heavy metal fabrication, to include ASME division 1 Section 8 Pressure Vessel construction.  Here I learned welding, metal forming, grinding, polishing and assembly.

My next step was operation and production management for a 100 employee facility for Emerson Power Transmission, which machined from raw castings to finished part fractional horse power sheaves up to sheaves 72 inches in diameter. This position gave me the education in machining that eventually led me to my most recent position at Milacron LLC, where I worked as a sales person for contract fabrication and machining.

Milacron’s core business was manufacturing plastics processing equipment. The purpose of our division was to cover the facility overhead and keep the spindles turning during low production times. This we did perhaps too well, to the point Milacron eliminated 90% of the division due to disruptions in the regular plastics processing equipment manufacturing schedule. Our task while at Milacron Contract Manufacturing was to sell machining and fabrication time. When the shop was oversold we searched for, evaluated and eventually partnered with several machine and fabrication shops in the area, thereby reducing the shop load for Milacron, LLC. 

All of my experience, knowledge, and industry connections have culminated in the building of Total Metal Solutions, LLC. We act as either a branch of your purchasing arm or a branch of your sales arm, and sometimes both.

So please let us help you be more efficient and direct your resources where you need them the most, growing your business not sourcing qualified vendors or chasing on cold sales Leads.

Thank you,

Ron Loebker